Our Technology   Construction

i-Tech specializes in design and manufacture of resistive-technology touch screens - The most popular and widely used touch input devices, worldwide. Resistive touch screens are easy to use, cost effective, error and maintenance free.

Unlike other touch technologies, such as capacitive and surface acoustic wave(SAW), resistive touch screens respond to gloved hands and sharp styli. We design our touch screens to meet and exceed medical and aerospace industry standards.

Added-value electrical features such as EMI/RFI/ESD shielding as well as optical enhancements such as anti-glare, secure-viewing, and implosion shielding are also available.

Resistive touch screens construction consists of top and bottom layers. Top layer (user side) is made of 0.007" - thick, optical-grade polyester film coated on the outside with abrasion and chemical resistant coating and on the inside with transparent electrically conductive ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide).

The bottom layer is made of either glass or polyester coated with ITO on the inside. The touch screens are laminated to glass or acrylic substrates for rigidity.