High Brightness IP65 Resistive Touch Panel PC KPC Series

Product Highlights:

Sizes from 15" to 21.5"
5Wire Resistive Touch
High Brightness

  • A wide range of CPU solutions from entry to professional level
  • IP65 compliant aluminum front bezel
  • 5-wire resistive touch screen
  • A variety of I/O ports and expansion slots for more applications

PC-based automation systems have been widely used in many industries to help manufacturers realize electronic standard operating procedures to minimize cost / engineering effort and to enhance productivity. Some considerations should be taken into account when deploying an automation system, such as computing performance, power efficiency, budget, scalability, compatibility to the existing system and something alike.

With the following features, iTechLCD's KPC Series is a standard touch panel PC which can satisfy general applications such as automation, monitoring, control & data processing in various fields.

  • A wide range of selectable CPU solution from entry to professional level to meet any computing performance requirement and budgetary target
  • A wide array of panel size selection from 8.4” to 21.5” with both 3:4 and 16:9 aspect ratios for larger sizes for easy deployment on your systems
  • A variety of I/O ports and expansion slots for more possibility of advanced applications
  • IP65 compliant aluminum / stainless steel front bezel and the optional waterproof gasket design to provide basic waterproof protection against water spray from the front side


Specifications for all sizes here!

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